The powerful surface cleaner for every occasion

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The high-performance sanitary maintenance cleaner for the whole bathroom

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Granusan Forte

The effective basic sanitary cleaner with added descaling power

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The revolutionary WC cleaner with wow effect

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The floor maintenance cleaner with a wide range of applications

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Would you like to test our new granulate cleaners obligation-free? Then order your free trial pack

The trial pack contains:

  • Samples of all five cleaning granulates
  • Foam bottles
  • Microfibre cloth

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Climate friendly

When it comes to reducing your overall ecological footprint, there’s no better choice than Wetrok Granuline. The small Granuline sachets optimise not just one, but all eco-relevant aspects along the value chain. This is achieved solely through the products’ unique form: granulate.

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Safe to use

With Wetrok Granuline you prevent the dragging of heavy canisters.
Dangerous skin or eye contact with the chemicals is excluded. Direct contact with solvents and dangerous fumes, which can irritate the airways, is also prevented.

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What would you rather have to deal with in terms of storage? A cardboard box of Granuline sticks weighing around 100 grams, or a 10-litre canister of liquid chemicals? Wetrok Granuline instantly ensures all-round better working conditions for your staff.

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How much unnecessary water do you transport every year in the form of liquid chemicals? Certainly more than 80 percent – and that is 80 percent too much! With Wetrok Granuline, you transport nothing but the active ingredient actually needed for cleaning: granules.

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