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Available since 2019 and already an indispensable cleaning aid for countless customers around the world: the Discomatic Bolero scrubber-dryer. Customers value the Discomatic Bolero for its two interchangeable tanks, meaning it can be adapted for different applications in no time.

The developers at Wetrok have now optimised the 2-in-1 cleaning machine with two practical new features:

Ecological scrubbing brushes made of PET
The cleaning bristles are now made of 100% recycled PET. The second benefit in terms of sustainability: reduced wear on the bristles extends the lifetime of the brush, while achieving the same impeccable cleaning results. The fine bristles remove all dirt without a trace – even from fine cracks.

Super practical: the green wear indicator serves as a guide and indicates when the brush needs changing. Once the blue bristles are the same length as the green ones, it’s time to replace the brush.

The Discomatic Bolero now comes with the new Wetrok PET brushes as standard.

Improved suction nozzle handling
A new patented magnetic coupling enables even easier attachment and detachment of the rear suction nozzle. The fit has been optimised too: accidental detachment of the suction nozzle (e.g. due to contact with the door frame) is prevented by the stronger magnet. There is no need to lift the machine to change the suction nozzle – instead, it can effortlessly be attached and detached from the side.

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