More Than A Robot


📣 Ready for a world first?

Wetrok presents Robomatic Marvin: the world’s first HYBRID cleaning machine made in Switzerland. 100% robot and 100% cleaning machine.

Smart Robomatic Marvin is a:

✅ Cleaning robot
✅ Autonomous cleaning machine
✅ Collaborative robot (Cobot)
✅ Classic scrubber-dryer

Robomatic Marvin:

can be used as a cleaning robot or as a classic scrubber-dryer

Choose how you use Robomatic Marvin:
A) autonomous cleaning (robotic mode)
B) manual cleaning (scrubber-dryer mode)
… or a new combination of the two every day depending on the situation


☑️ user-friendly – intuitive and efficient
☑️ smart navigation – with safety functions
☑️ versatile application – in a wide range of industries
☑️ made in Switzerland – meets the highest quality standards
☑️ innovative and proven – many years of experience and expertise
☑️ optimised division of labour: human/machine

Your Robomatic Marvin: hybrid, innovative and professional – for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

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