Wet vacuuming

Medium area performance: 200 m2/h

Removal of liquid and loose dirt from water-resistant floor coverings using mechanical means

Preparatory work (Wet vacuuming)

Equip and prepare the machine. Check equipment for wet vacuuming.
Follow the operating instructions.

It is usually better to do wet scrubbing or wet mopping first
Wet scrubbing
Wet mopping

Put up the warning sign.

Main work involved (Wet vacuuming)

Use a wet or combination vacuum cleaner to wet vacuum clean the floor covering. Work your way towards the outlet (jack).
Add a little Fomstop to the tank if necessary.

Keeping the suction nozzle horizontal, drag it from the dry area to the wet.

Leave the floor to dry out completely.

Final steps (Wet vacuuming)

Check and clean cable.

Empty the tank, clean the machine and cleaning materials.

Leave the machine open and allow to dry.

Suitable products