Medium area performance: 200 m2/h

Application of a very waxy care product (solvent-based or water-based), mainly on wooden and cork coverings. Facilitates maintenance cleaning.

Choose the right product for the floor covering and particular application.

Preparatory work (Waxing)

Remove any loose dirt.
Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Put up the warning sign.

Carry out basic/spray cleaning of floor coverings first if necessary.
Wet Scrubbing
Wet Vacuuming
Spray Cleaning

Main work involved A) With a single-brush machine (Waxing)

Work with the spray product using a single-brush machine and the yellow pad.
Spray cleaning

B) With an application tool (Waxing)

Pore undiluted liquid wax onto the floor and apply thinly and evenly with an application tool and cover, making overlapping circular movements.
Apply 1 coat only to edges and corners.

Work in strips, taking care to lift up the application tool from the floor like "an airplane taking off" at the end of each strip (to ensure a smooth transition). Always work wet-on-wet.
Work rapidly but carefully: do not allow the waxing agent to foam up (form bubbles).

A) and B) (Waxing)

Note the drying time!
Do not walk on surface until dry.

Dust down if necessary.


Add a second coat if necessary. Leave to dry!

Note the drying time!

Final steps (Waxing)

Clean the tool and cleaning materials.

After-treatment (Waxing)

Polish the wax film if necessary.
Polishing/Polish vacuuming

Suitable products