Spray mopping

Medium area performance: 600 m2/h

Manual removal of low-level and easily dislodged dirt from water-resistant and water-sensitive floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means.

Washable or disposable mops can be used with this method.

Preparatory work (Spray mopping)

Equip and prepare the device.
Follow the operating instructions.

Add cleaning solution, correctly dosed, to the pressure bottle.
Choose the right product for the floor covering and use the right dosage.

Remove any loose dirt.
Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Put up the warning sign.

Main work involved (Spray mopping)

Spray footwear marks and adhesive dirt with cleaning solution, then mop up.

Replace dirty mops.

Final steps (Spray mopping)

Leave the floor to dry out.

Empty the pressure bottle, then rinse and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Rinse the spray nozzle thoroughly.

Wipe the spray mopping unit down with a damp cloth and clean the cleaning materials.
Wash dirty mops and dispose of disposable mops.

Suitable products