Polishing / Polish vacuuming

Medium area performance: 700 m2/h

Removal of light footwear marks and easily dislodged dirt. Bringing to a shine and sealing of smooth surfaces treated with wax or other care products. Polish vacuuming sucks away the resulting dust at the same time.

Choose the right polishing tool for the floor covering.

Preparatory work (Polishing/Polish vacuuming)

Equip and prepare the machine. Fit any suction unit.
Follow the operating instructions.

Remove any loose dirt.
Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Main work involved (Polishing/Polish vacuuming)

Polish corners and edges manually or using machinery with the edge cleaning tool/machine.
Use the edge cleaning tool/BrushBoy.

Working in circles and dealing with one section of the floor covering at a time, keep going until footwear marks have been removed and you have achieved the kind of shine you want.

Work your way towards the outlet (jack).

Reverse or replace dirty pads.

Final steps (Polishing/Polish vacuuming)

Check and clean cable.

Check how full the paper filter bag in the suction unit is; if full, fit a new bag.

Wipe the machine down with a damp cloth and clean the cleaning materials.

Wash the pad/brush or replace if necessary.

After-treatment (Polishing/Polish vacuuming)


Suitable products