Damp wiping with foam

Remove lightly-adhering dirt and loose dirt from all surfaces above the floor using damp cleaning textiles (no aerosols and about that no excitation of the respiratory system).  Damp wiping (maintenance cleaning):
For light/minor soiling Descale/basic cleaning:
For heavy soiling (For water sensible surfaces)

Preparatory work (Damp wiping with foam)

Add the cleaning product, correctly dosed, to the foamer dispenser / spray bottle / bucket of water.
Choose the right product for the surface and use the right dosage.

Fold the cleaning cloth.
Use proper folding techniques.

Main work involved Damp wiping (Damp wiping with foam)

Foam an adequate amount of the cleaning solution on to the cloth, in the shape of an 'X.

Wipe the surface down with a folded cloth.
Use proper folding techniques.

Leave the surface to try.

Main work involved Descale/basic cleaning (Damp wiping with foam)

Foam on the mounting and surface and leave the cleaning solution to take effect.
Do not allow to dry out. In case of heavy calcification use a scratch-free pad to remove stains. Rinse the mounting and surface thoroughly with clear water.Wipe the mounting and surface with a dry cloth.
Use folding technique.

Final steps (Damp wiping with foam)

Wash any dirty cloths and clean the cleaning materials.

Suitable products