Cleaning glass

Medium area performance: 25–85 m2/h (both sides)

After cleaning, frames and glass surfaces are clean and free of dirt, streaks, and excess dampness

Preparatory work (Cleaning glass)

Add cleaning solution, correctly dosed, to the window cleaning bucket.
Use a separate bucket for cleaning the frames.

Cover the floor and window ledge if necessary.
Using old carpet with a waterresistant reverse side, for example

Take the relevant safety precautions.
To prevent falls, for example

Remove any spiders' webs.

Use a ceiling brush or handheld brush.

Main work involved (Cleaning glass)

Clean the frames with a wet cleaning cloth.
Damp and wet wiping

Use the white pad to remove adhesive dirt.

Wipe down the frames afterwards with a thoroughly wrung out cloth.

Wash the glass surface with the wetting tool.
Use the white pad/blade to loosen stubborn dirt.

Pre-dry the left and top edges with an absorbent cloth.

Skim the glass surface with a window wiper.
Skim the glass surface horizontally, starting at the top.

Use a cloth or wetting tool to clear up any drops of water.

Dry the right and bottom edges and the window ledge.

Remove any streaks if necessary and go
over again with a dry cloth.

Use Microwit Top.

Leave the surface to try.

Final steps (Cleaning glass)

Remove the covering material.

Clean the equipment and cleaning materials.

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