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Hello, I’m Ben the butler.

I’m responsible for cleaning the rooms and halls. With such a wide range of rooms, situations and materials, I don’t always find it easy to select the right cleaning method. Does that happen to you too? Then this is the right page for you – here you’ll find the right solution!

Let's find the right cleaning method together!

Wetrok Cleaning Methods

Cleaning instructions – explained step by step

A cleaning method is the way in which something is cleaned. The cleaning method defines not only the cleaning procedure, but also the appropriate cleaning products, machines and other equipment. And as your partner, Wetrok will support you with our comprehensive cleaning expertise. As a special service to you, we provide cleaning instructions for more than 30 cleaning methods.

Dry dusting / Removing cobwebs
Dust-binding dusting (disposables)
Damp wiping (manual foaming)
Wet wiping with bucket
Dust-binding mopping - Disposables
Sweeping / Vacuum sweeping using a machine
Dry vacuuming
Brush vacuum cleaning
Wet mopping
Single work step (direct method) with pre-wetted mop (WetBox system)
Two-step process (indirect method) with wringer
Scrub drying
Single work step (direct method)
Two-step process (indirect method)
Spray cleaning
Polishing / Polish vacuuming (HS and US)
Dry sanding using a machine
Wet sanding using a machine
Wet scrubbing using a machine
Wet vacuum cleaning
Filling pores (Protective treatment)
Sealing (Protective treatment)
Coating (Protective treatment)
Oil treatment (Protective treatment)
Foam cleaning - Industrial foaming, low pressure cleaning
Quick disinfection of surfaces (small surfaces)
Surface disinfection (large areas)
Steam vacuum cleaning
Stain removal
Dabbing method
Rinsing method
Removing chewing gum with freeze spray
Carpet pad method
Wet shampooing
Spray extraction - Two-step process (indirect method)
Window cleaning - Entire glass area with frame


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